Plant widely used in roasts, meat, vegetables, breads and sauces, in addition to enhancing the flavor of food, it provides joy. Favors elimination by stimulating liver and gallbladder functions. Rosemary tea is digestive and sudorific, which relieves the symptoms of poor digestion and cleanses the liver. It is a well-known general and sexual tonic.

The herb is considered an excellent herbal medicine, for having bioactive substances. Balances blood pressure. It has properties that help improve blood circulation.

Because it is stimulating, rosemary is indicated for cough and flu control, in addition to fighting asthma attacks.

Helps in the treatment of rheumatic pain. As it is rich in potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and phosphorus, it ends up having a diuretic action, favoring weight loss.

Rosemary tea relieves menstrual cramps and reduces intestinal gas.

Also known to soothe muscles and nerves, rosemary increases blood flow by stimulating the brain and memory. Because it contains carnosic acid, an acid with antioxidant properties essential for the nervous system, it helps to deal with stressful situations. Very suitable for situations of mental exhaustion.

It still reduces bad breath and helps in the treatment of canker sores, stomatitis and gingivitis.

It also helps in the treatment of anti-dandruff hair loss and fortifies the scalp.


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