Cancer and vitamins

Cancer is an anomaly of cell division, which becomes unregulated, multiplies and only dies after having eliminated the organism. In this way, the tumor robs the body of good nutrients. Nowadays it is known that several vitamins can play an important role in cancer prevention. Vitamins such as A, B9, B12, C, E and D.

Not all the needs for vitamins nor all their effects on the body are known yet, but vitamins are important in the prevention of certain cancers. the best thing is to eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins.

Vitamin C is the queen in oncology, as it favors immune stimulation, acts on liver enzymes, carrying out a detoxification action against carcinogenic agents. Together with vitamin E, it has an anti-mutagenic effect on carcinogenic products. It prevents the formation of nitrosamines in the stomach, namely carcinogenic products from nitrates in water and preservatives.

It protects the cell especially its various membranes and genetic material.


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