Osteoporosis occurs when bone density begins to decrease, weakening the bones and making them susceptible to fractures.

The causes are aging, estrogen deficiency, low level of vitamin D, low level of calcium intake. Prevention is the best medicine.

Prevention is more effective the earlier it is started, since bone density is lost with age. It is necessary to start around 50 years of age and in women whose bone capital tends to decrease, it should be from 35-40 years of age.

Physical exercise and the practice of light sports are somewhat effective in maintaining bone, as has been demonstrated in several studies.

The prevention of vitamin D deficiencies is also important. The consumption of alcohol and tobacco is harmful if excessive.

Calcium absorption from the intestine decreases with age and the elderly are unable to adapt to a reduced intake. Daily doses of 600-700 mg are insufficient. It takes 900 to 1000 mg before menopause and 1200 to 1500 mg afterwards. Calcium supplements can decrease bone loss by as much as 50%. The recommendation for an abundant dietary intake of milk and dairy products is justified.

A mug of milk about 250 ml provides 300 mg of calcium. Same for two yogurts. To obtain 1200 mg of calcium a day, for example, drink half a liter of milk, plus 30 g of emmenthal cheese and two yogurts. Fruits and vegetables also have calcium but in reduced amounts.


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