Prevent intestinal infections

Although intestinal infection can happen at any time of the year, it is more common in summer because of the heat, the proliferation of microorganisms in food accelerates. Transmission occurs orally. In this way, microorganisms can be present in poorly washed or poorly cooked food, on hands that have been in contact with feces.

It is essential to maintain good hygiene habits. Wash your hands thoroughly when using the bathroom, as well as when preparing food. Wash vegetables that are eaten raw well, keep food well refrigerated and cook meat and eggs well.

Foods that help fight intestinal infection are artichokes. You can eat it raw or boil it. Use the cooking water for soups as it is very rich in mineral salts.

Pumpkin, used in soups, vegetables.

Apple is an excellent antiseptic. Thanks to its stimulating action on the secretion of a bactericidal diastasis, it helps to get rid of intestinal parasites. You can also cook the apples and drink the cooking water.

Carrots have a beneficial effect on all intestinal problems. From simple diarrhea to parasitic infections. Eat it raw, in juice, in soup, cooked, pureed or in a salad.

Garlic and onion are good disinfectants.


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