Recipe to avoid high blood pressure

Currently, high blood pressure is one of the most common heart diseases. We can consume excess salt without knowing it, due to the popularization of industrialized foods. Processed food labels list the sodium content, table salt has 40% sodium. Other products have high amounts of sodium such as sausages, chorizo, mortadella, bacon, cheese, preserves, soups, sauces and ready-made seasonings. We still have snacks, chips, canned goods, olives, etc.

According to the SNS, in Europe it is estimated that arterial hypertension affects around 35-40% of the population, and in Portugal it is estimated that the prevalence of arterial hypertension in the adult population is 42.6%.

The consequences of high blood pressure are: Stroke, heart attack, gradual loss of vision, erectile dysfunction, peripheral artery disease, heart failure, kidney failure.

Recipe to reduce salt, season food with the following mixture.

Blend half a cup of basil, oregano and rosemary, salt and parsley in a blender. Instead of just seasoning with salt, season with this mixture.


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